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Big Bag DischargerMassBagBB is Mass Measuring’s range of big bag dischargers. MassBagBB is designed for chemical, food, pharmaceutical and plastics industry use. It enables discharge of free-flowing materials and consists of big bag frame and discharge valve.

It can be coupled to the MassFeedSF range of screw feeders. Where flow assistance is required, MassBagBB incorporates either a vibrating base, or base massage system. Discharge is controlled by level probe in the receiving Hopper.

Customer Benefits
  • Quick, efficient big bag emptying
  • Minimal product loss
  • Automatic product feeding if integrated with downstream equipment
  • No product sacks for disposal
Big Bag DischargerOptions
  • Units for single or multi strip pipe with or without liners
  • Spout arrangement, vibrating base or base massage for non free-flowing products
  • Contained discharger systems with full extraction facilities
  • Units and controls suitable for location in all types of areas
  • Full choice of finished equipment specifications
  • Discharge spout closure valves
  • Loss in weight systems - with stock usage relayed to existing control systems
  • For materials that are difficult to discharge from the big bag. MassBagBB includes the option of
    a Petal Massager. The petals lift from underneath the bag and mimic the
    action that a human hand would take to dislodge difficult materials

Big Bag DischargerA typical sequence of operation is as follows:-

1) Attach big bag to lifting frame
2) Position bag over discharger
3) Open access panel and untie bag pull string to discharge material
4) Vibrator operates only upon demand from level signal.
(This avoids unnecessary 'working' and resultant