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Customer Project Description
Batch Concrete Producer Software Modifications
Concrete Brick Producer

Control System for checking of Keg

Batch Concrete Producer

Upgrade to Control System

Pre-cast Concrete Products Producer

Diagnostic Control Upgrade

Leading Block Products Producer

Liquid Pigment Dosing System

Construction Products Manufacturer

Upgrade for Control of Bitumen Line

Pre-cast Plastics Producer

Weigh Hopper and Control System

Flooring Compound Manufacturer

Additional convey lines & land based

Concrete Pipe Manufacturer

No 7 Plant Upgrade

Concrete Manufacturer

Upgrade MC2000 Control System

Pigment Manufacturer

Support steelwork & Mixer Modifications

Pigment Manufacturer

Bagging Unit & 2 x big bag dischargers

Flooring Compound Manufacturer

Weighing System

Flooring Compound Manufacturer

Conveying System

Brick + Block Manufacturer

Pick place mimic panel and PCL Panel

Brick + Block Manufacturer

Pigment Dosing

Concrete products

Liquid Pigment System