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MassBlowDP is a range of low velocity, dense phase solids pumps, for smooth conveying of difficult materials.

The design is simplicity itself. With most applications, level probes and outlet valves are not mounted within the pressure vessel since the valve, an Inflatek™, is designed to close and seal through a static or dynamic column of material. This ensures complete vessel filling and no reliance on vessel level probes.

The vessel capacity and pipeline size ensures the movement of material without dependence on fluidization, pipeline boosters or high velocity.

Customer Benefits
  • Conveys abrasive‚ hot and/or wet materials
  • Gentle handling of friable or irregular products prevents degradation
  • Non fluidizing conveying reduces fluid air consumption (High phase density normal between 30 and 150)
  • High reliability - up to 1‚000‚000 cycles between inspections in approved applications -even when handling abrasive materials such as sands, ash or coke fines
  • Reduced pipe work wear due to low velocity, even with the most abrasive materials
  • Low air consumption. High material velocity is unnecessary to achieve almost all customer objectives. MassBlow DP is the best combination of reliability‚ durability‚ economy and performance in dense phase pneumatic conveying
  • Inflatek™ Valve available in standard sizes
  • from 100mm to 500, and duty temperatures
  • from -71°C to 482°C with pressure ratings
  • from full vacuum to 41 bar G
  • Constructed to our material specifications for most bulk solids handling applications
 Operating Sequence
  1. Inflatek™ Valve permits choke filling of the MassBlow vessel. Large diameter inlet flange permits unrestricted vessel filling
  2. Valve closed by material at the end of the filling sequence, instantly sealing to prevent escape of conveying air
  3. Air is introduced at a controlled rate to destination without the need for continuous fluidization
  4. Opening cycle is repeated continuously until the transfer signal is cancelled.
Regime Velocity Pipe Section Typical Application
Solid Dense Phase

Very Low

Fragile materials
Dis-continuous Dense Phase

Very Low

Where power economy, pipe erosion and material degredation are issues
Continuous Dense Phase

<Saturation Velocity

For powders and narrow p.s.d. materials. Not for abrasive materials
Dilute Phase

>Saturation Velocity

Non-abrasive materials Narrow p.s.d. materials