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Customer Project Description
Major Food Manufacturer  Vacuum Transfer System 
Producer of Ethnic Foodstuffs

Spice Transfer System

Indonesian Cake & Biscuit Producer

Weighmix System for Bakery

Producer of Beverage Sachets

Control System Upgrade and FIBC Discharge and Transfer System

Confectionary Producer 

Vessell Weighing System 

Beverage Sachet Producer

Vacuum Feeding System

Major Brewery

In-Line Keg Weigher

Major Brewery

Line 6 Control Panel & Line 7 Upgrade

Major Brewery

Keg Weigher 

Food & Sachet Packaging 

Vacuum convey system 

Major Brewery  Factory automation upgrade
including keg weighing system 
Major Oven Chip producer

Vac Convey System

Continental processor

Vacuum Conveying System 


System Design


5 Lever Weighmix systems



Major diary 

Ingredients weighing system

Animal Feed Producer 

Feed Additive System


Vacuum Cwl  onvey System


Weighmix System

Alginates consumer

Filter Blending 

Alginates consumer

System Upgrade

Alginates consumer

System Extension 

Alginates consumer

Vacuum Transfer System

Breakfast cereal plant 

Load Cell Weighing Upgrade

Major brewery

Conveying System

Major canned food producer

Sultana feed system Rice pudding &raisins 


Platform System Butter/Cream 

Alginates consumer

Weighing System for IBC Units
Nutrasweet transfer