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Customer Benefits

  • No PC required at the plant
  • No software to install in the office
  • Simple to install, set up and use
  • Intelligent tank dial out
  • Multi-user web-based access as standard
  • GSM Communications for world-wide coverage
  • 4-20mA pr 0-10V inputs for weight indicators and level probes
  • Lower communications costs than conventional PC/PLC based systems
  • The system displays the weight of the tank or vessel contents both graphically and numerically
  • High and low level alarms for each tank or vessel
  • User defined headers
  • Simple system configuration; remote reconfiguration
  • Up to 33 vessels supported
  • Compatible with a wide range of proprietary weight and level controllers
  • Trend monitoring with additional reports available as standard
  • Alert via SMS or e-mail
  • Up to 33 weight or level indicators can be connected to the Tank Watch communicator
  • Mobileyes has 33 analogue inputs for instrumentation (level probes)
  • The 33 inputs can be configured as switched inputs (ON/OFF) or as analogue 4-20mA inputs
  • Mobileyes is supplied with software to allow communications from any web browser
  • Optional battery back-up to detect mains power failure
  • Real time clock for event logging