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MassBatchHT is a family of high accuracy mixer weighers with a high tare to nett ratio capability.

They use a proven mechanical load collection technology and a single electronic or pneumatic load cell.

A typical application would be a bakery dough mixer weighing 10 tonne, having the capabilities to weigh an ingredient of 500kg to +/- 1/4%.

The load collection system allows for external low profile mechanics to 'back off' the mixer weight to give accuracies of up to 1:10,000. The robustness of the load collection system tolerates the vibrations during the mixing cycle, whilst the unique arrangement of mounting the mixer to the weighmix system eliminates sympathetic vibration interference from surrounding machinery. The same principle is also utilised on our loss-in-weight systems, to eliminate the high tare weight of a surge hopper and screw feeder allowing for accurate dosing of small weighments.

Customer Benefits
  • Reduced capital cost through elimination of associated weighing equipment
  • Minimal headroom required
  • Fully flexible processing cycle (number and rate of materials added and mix cycle duration)
  • Product overheating during mixing is prevented
  • Vaccum receiving hoppers
  • Integration with control system for ingredient transfer
  • Software modules providing material consumption and stock control information