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MassFeedPP portable powder feeder is ideal where dry powder from bags have to be fed into fixed equipment at a variety of locations. It is used where the cost of installing the required number of fixed dry powder feeders can be justified. The unit is easily wheeled to the required location and uses loss-in-weight measurement to control the amount of powder feed to the process. It incorporates valuable speed control and is designed to achieve high accuracy. It features umbilicals to allow control or recording of the unit from a main batch control computer or microprocessor control. It also has detachable top-housing to allow easy maintenance and cleaning.

Customer Benefits
  • Compliance with CESOHH regulations including manual lifting,
    without the need for major investment in fixed plant
  • Integration with existing batch control system
  • Low dust operation
  • Big bag adaptor
  • Connection with existing dust extraction system
  • Vibration-assisted discharge
Operating Sequence
  1. The MassFeedPP unit is wheeled to the desired discharge point and coupled to the receiving hopper
  2. Dust extraction spigot is linked to the existing dust extraction system
  3. Electrical control and pneumatic umbilicals are plugged in. The machine is then used to feed from bags placed in the bag retainer using the gas assisted bag tip to minimise operator physical effort
  4. When the required weight of powder has been fed, connection sequence is reversed and the machine can be moved to another discharge point