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IBC Cone ValveMassBulkIBC is a new concept in cone valve discharge for rigid IBC's. MassBulkIBC has two components, the female IBC Cone Valve and the male discharge station, usually part of a Transfer Hopper. The IBC Valve is mounted to the outlet flange of any proprietary steel or plastic IBC. The Transfer Hopper is mounted above the process vessel.

For use in the food and pharmaceutical industries where special care needs to be taken in IBC emptying because:

1) Product is fragile and carry forward of damaged product is undesirable

IBC Cone Valve2) Product is "sticky" and subject to bridging

3) An intermediate product needs to be held up for subsequent batch blending. Typically the number of intermediate products handled exceeds the number of blending stations available.

Customer Benefits
  • Lower cost than other proprietary cone valve discharge system
  • MassBulkIBC can be cleaned down in 5-10 minutes. Cleandown time
    for other discharge systems is typically 3-4 hours
  • IBC Cone ValveThe valve position can be varied continuously to change and/or maintain any required flow rate
  • The valve can be static to ensure no degradation of fragile products, or pulsed for most effective discharge of cohesive products
The IBC Valve comprises optionally 3 or 4 parts:-
  • A band clamp to clamp the valve body to the IBC outlet flange. Optionally, bolted flanges are available
  • An optional gasket clamped between the flanges and with an inside diameter smaller than the cone valve
  • An "inner cone" seated in the valve body
  • A conical "valve body" with a top flange
  • The valve is available in 2 types: the "Standard", and the large diameter "High Active" for the very difficult products
  • Both types fit any IBC Transfer Hopper
The Transfer Hopper comprises optionally 5/6 parts:-
  • An inner "probe hopper" incorporating a "probe"
  • An optional (for dusty products) flexible "liner", the top stretched out and around the inlet of the outer hopper, passing down between inner hopper and probe hopper, its lower end stretched out and round the process vessel inlet
  • An inner hopper
  • A "lift tube" c/w air connection, (like a car tyre inner tube), located between the inner and outlet hoppers
  • An outer cylindrical body located above the process vessel
  • 4 maximum lift heights - 100mm, 200mm, 300mm and 400mm

    The cone valve incorporated in the MassBulk IBC is available separately to replace membrane slide valves which are failing frequently due to product trapped between sliding surfaces

A typical sequence of operation is as follows:-

1) The full IBC is lowered onto the Transfer Hopper.
2) As it lowers, the cone valve locates onto the "probe" in the Transfer Hopper.
3) At the same time, the valve body seals to the Transfer Hopper, so maintaining an environmental seal above the process vessel.
4) The lift tube is inflated to lift the probe and cone valve up into the powder, so promoting flow through the Transfer Hopper down to process.
5) The valve position can be varied continuously to change and/or maintain any required flow rate.