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MassVacCC is Mass Measuring's range of component conveying systems. Applications include conveying of bottle caps to bottling or packaging machines, as well as transfer of extruded parts to central storage.

It is also suitable for conveying of other discrete parts around factories. MassVacCC can be used to convey different coloured components to a packaging machine, and in this case allows instantaneous changeover, and is self-cleaning on colour change.

Customer Benefits
  • Caps conveyed without damage from a remote storage area to
    a capping line, within the production area
  • Handles a range of colours with no chance of cross contamination
  • Eliminates cap boxes in the production area
  • Low power consumption
  • A single unit can service 2 capping lines with different colour caps
  • Fully Automatic
  • Distances up to 60m
  • No product damage, due to elimination of moving oarts in contact with cap
  • Handles a whole range of caps and closures
  • Self-cleaning on cap colour change
  • Integrates with level probe on capiping line
  • Storage capacity for 4 colours
  • Can also be used to convey from moulding machine to storage/inspection