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MassVacWB is Mass Measuring’s range of waste bedding removal systems. Designed specifically for the laboratory animal market, it avoids the contact between laboratory staff and soiled bedding which can lead to health hazards in the workplace. The system is composed of a network of pick up points feeding a separator and dust collection hoppers. A transport fan conveys waste to a skip. All contact components are in stainless steel.

Customer Benefits
  • Avoidance of exposure to allergens
  • Eliminates bagging and manual handling of waste, by conveying direct to waste skip
  • Protects the environment from dust arising from waste bedding
  • Can be retrofitted to existing bag fill bedding disposal systems
  • Central waste bedding compaction station as an alternative to filling a waste skip
  • Central Vacuum System with cleaning points within each laboratory
Operating Sequence
  1. Vacuum valve is connected at local pick–up point (number of points connected at any time is controlled to ensure required convey velocity)
  2. Soiled bedding is removed using wand
  3. Bedding and dust is separated from the conveying air at the central collection point
  4. Waste is transferred into an enclosed waste skip by transport fan
  5. Floor mounted platform scale indicates when skip is full